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Our Bellevue TN urgent care clinic has partnered with several companies to bring you the latest in regenerative medicine. Combining our passion for a 100-year lifestyle, the latest technology, and our foundation of the musculoskeletal health care approach, we are now offering stem cell and regenerative medical therapy. Regenerative medicine optimizes the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

What Is Regenerative Medicine In Bellevue TN?

Regenerative medicine is a cooperative type of health care. It is a way of working with the natural care continuum of our body. Regenerative medicine works in conjunction with the body’s natural environment, in the least invasive and disruptive way possible. Utilizing allografts promotes the repair response of dysfunctional, injured, and/or diseased tissues.

What Is An Allograft?

It is the transplant of an organ or tissue from one individual to another, of the same species, with a different genotype (two individuals that aren’t twins).

How Does Regenerative Medicine Work?

As we age and our health fluctuates and our body’s tissues also age. Our chemical composition changes over time. We can lose functionality due to injury and disease, which often means longer recovery and healing time. The wonderful part of that equation is, that although our bodies are subject to “wear and tear,” we are all born with an innate ability to heal. We naturally possess the building blocks that make our bodies capable of repairing, regenerating, and replenishing tissue.

“Regenerative medicine has the potential to disrupt the way certain ailments are managed.”

Benefits of Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine

  • A diverse spectrum of growth factors and structural cells: pericytes, cytokines, & chemokines.
  • Human cell and tissue products support shorter procedure times.
  • It does not require invasive procedures such as bone marrow aspiration or adipose tissue extraction.
  • Limited risk of rejection.

FAQ's About Regenerative Medicine

Is It Safe?

Our products are rigorously tested to FDA guidelines in a CLIA-certified lab. Thousands of patients have used tissue allografts with no adverse effects.

Does It Hurt?

The procedure is minimally invasive, therefore resulting in less pain and a shorter procedure time.

Where Does It Come From?

Our human cell and tissue materials come from the umbilical cord of healthy, full-term deliveries. The products do not contain any fetal or embryonic tissue.

When Will I Feel The Benefits?

Depending upon the severity of the injury and your personal health, your provider can offer more information.

There are several types of regenerative medicine and stem cells to choose from. Contact our office today to schedule a consult to determine which option is best for you!


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